At Camp & Cruise, we not only bring you the best in top brand watercraft and motors at great prices, we also have the best brand docks and lifts to make sure that you, your family, the most fun on the water, and your boat is safe and protected when it’s not providing hours of watersports fun. If you're tired of heavy maintenance, frequent storm repairs and the carbon footprint associated with traditional dock options, then browse our selection of docks and lifts for sale. All our docks and lifts are made to withstand harsh weather! It means less maintenance for you, with more time on the water. 

EZ Dock: EZ Dock was created by two water enthusiasts who were tired of the heavy maintenance, frequent storm repairs, and the carbon footprint associated with traditional dock options. Their founders decided that there had to be a better way, so they created their floating, durable and eco-friendly docks for lakes and other water systems. All EZ Docks are made to withstand harsh weather and are designed not to paint, chip, warp or peel. It means less maintenance for you, with more time on the water.

EZ Dock has been around since 1991, helping industrial, commercial, government and residential clients get better access to the water. They design all of their products to be fully customizable. Whether you need a commercial-grade dock to run boat tours, an EZ Launch® Residential, or a swimming dock for your lakefront home, they have designed the exact dock for your needs.

Buying a floating dock can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, our team at Camp & Cruise can walk you through frequently asked questions, what you can expect throughout the design and installation process, how to choose the right dock for your needs and any other questions you may have. We’ll help you find exactly the right dock and have it professionally installed.

Great Lakes Lifts & Docks: Great Lakes Lift is a family owned business located in Caro, Michigan. They set their mission to design and manufacture the highest quality, longest lasting products for boaters and waterfront owners throughout the Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes Lift and Dock team has many decades of collective experience in designing and building exceptional lifts and docks.

They are innovators in the boat lift industry. Their boat lifts have many custom options for you to choose from. They use the highest quality components and materials in manufacturing their products so they will outlast the competition and keep your boat safe for many years to come. As a top Great Lakes dealer, our experienced team can help you decide which boat lift and accessories are best for you!

Great Lakes has provided us with all the knowledge and tools we need to assist our customers. Great Lakes Lift and Dock products are of the finest quality and highest functionality produced anywhere.

Every client’s needs are different, as is every shoreline. To provide you with the best service in boat lifts and docks, our experienced professionals at Camp & Cruise will fit you with the best dock or boat lift to fit your needs. We can inform you of the many add-ons and features to accommodate your boating experience and help you explore all the options.

Hart Fabrication: Hart Fabrication, Inc. is focused on providing high quality, attractive, and durable products for the inland marine recreational markets. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing and installing lakefront equipment, the team at Hart Fabrication builds low maintenance products with the homeowner and professional installer in mind.

They specialize in complete dock systems: 

  • Aluminum Dock/Pier - Anodized and Non-anodized
  • Perforated and Solid Vinyl Dock - Aluminum Frame
  • Under Dock Support Stands - Modular and Adjustable Aluminum
  • Stairs - Aluminum and Perforated Vinyl
  • Ladders - Heavy Duty Anodized
  • Posts, Crossarms, and all Essential Hardware
  • Bumpers and Accessories

Hart Fab provides docks constructed from several materials, including anodized aluminum, cedar and treated wood, and 3 different choices in vinyl. They also provide different underdock structural options such as an ‘All-in-One’ Adjustable Crossarm, an ‘All-in-One’ Heavy Duty Beam, and their ‘Vector’ Adjustable Under Dock Support System. In addition, you’ll find dock & trim accessories, stairs, steps, ladders, and benches, as well as safety & assist rails.

Make sure your summer fun is safe and complete and your boat is well-protected with any of our top quality docks and lifts. Our expert staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need. Visit us in Marne, MI today!